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Ableforth's Summer Fruit Cup 500ml

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Category: Liqueur
ABV: 31.2%
Origin: England
Distillery: Ableforth's

Size: 500ml

Great with lemonade and and a sprig of mint.

Thought you couldn’t bottle summer? Think again! Our Summer Fruit Cup basically screams tennis! Garden parties! Picnics! Sunshine-filled joy! To make it, we macerate then vacuum-distill fresh strawberries, cucumber, orange and mint to ensure optimal flavour extraction, then we blend them with our Bathtub Gin, a mix of sweet Italian vermouths and a top quality triple sec liqueur, plus some herbs and spices.

Nose: Deep and complex with rich spices, orange syrup, dried apricots and cocoa. The cold-distilled botanicals then have their say, especially the fresh cucumber but the mint, strawberry and orange all play their part.
Taste: Intense but with glorious fresh mint and especially strawberry.
Finish: Smooth and long with mint, orange, cucumber and gorgeous strawberry.

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