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Carlos Light Brandy 1L

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Category: Brandy
ABV: 25%
Origin: Spain
Distiller: Osborne

Size: 1L

Lying at the southernmost tip of Europe, in Andalusia, is found the special Jerez region of Spain. From this special microclimate, which is bordered by two rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, come the special brandies touched by the wind and water of this very specific area. Carlos I , produced by Osborne, is a fine example of the brandies that Jerez has to offer.

Founded in 1772, Osborne uses a special ageing system to ensure that the aromas and flavours of older wines can develop and mix with those of the younger. This means that history is mixed together in every bottle. This Criaderas and Solera ageing system sees the more mature Solera distillates added to the younger Criaderas distillates to create the character and personality of Carlos I. To create the distillates themselves, Airén and Palomino grapes, after being distilled in old pot stills, are aged in the best American oak casks.
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