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Light Red | New Zealand

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir

Light, elegant

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Varietal: Pinot Noir
ABV: 13%
Origin: Marlborough, New Zealand

Size: 750ml



90 points, Wine & Spirits Magazine

Taste Notes

Eyes: Dark red
Nose: Lifted red berry fruit aromas with dark cherry notes, complemented by savoury undertones and spicy oak
Mouth: Ripe, dark berry flavours of blackberry and blackcurrant, subtle hints of oak help fill out the palate

How to Enjoy

Pair with herb-crusted racks of lamb, mushroom risotto, or all on its own.

Serving temperature: Cellar temp. at 13-16°C
Storage: Up to 3-5 days after opening

About this Product

Pinot Noir blended from different regions of the South Island to incorporate the best characteristics into one wine. A wide variety of clones and rootstock were used, along with a mixture of soils and microclimates to ensure a balance of flavour profiles.

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About Kim Crawford

Kim Crawford is one of New Zealand's most exciting and innovative wine producers. The winery started out in a small cottage in Auckland, New Zealand and since its launch in 1996, the label has gained critical acclaim around the globe. They do things unconventionally, take risks, start things, and welcome different.

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About New Zealand

A relatively young but extremely promising wine producing country, New Zealand is widely recognized for its distinctive white wines made from the aromatic, Sauvignon blanc.

Sauvignon blanc, known here for its trademark herbaceous character, is at its best in Marlborough but thrives throughout the nation, accounting for an overwhelming majority of the country’s exports. While this is indeed the country’s most planted and successful variety, it is certainly not the only New Zealand grape capable of delighting wine lovers.

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About Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a black-skinned grape variety used to produce dry red and rosé wine, as well as sparkling wine. One of the most finicky grapes to grow, Pinot Noir demands a lot of attention in both the vineyard and winery. The combination of quality and complexity in Pinot Noir has made it one of the world’s most popular red wines. Pinot Noir is the greatest wine of Burgundy and proves that it is unquestionably worth the effort. In fact, it is the only red variety permitted in Burgundy.

Pinot Noir is typically a dry wine, which means there is little to no residual sugar. Thus, there are minimal carbohydrates, and there is no protein or fat. The caloric content comes from alcohol; a standard 5 ounce pour of Pinot Noir has about 120 calories.

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