Curbside Pickup at Wine Depot Makati

Is your area on a tight liquor ban? Do you feel even more trapped than ever? Need a bottle or two? Well, fear no more. Your sanity saver is here!

Do Curbside Pickup at Wine Depot Makati.

Because we can't deliver to some locations in Metro Manila, why don't you come to ours instead? We're giving you a 10% discount because you braved the roads and made the effort. 

Simply shop from our website as usual, click 'View Cart' before checking out, and input your pickup details. The discount should apply automatically.

Here's a list of details in case you don't like reading paragraphs:

  • Curbside Pickup at Wine Depot Makati is available from 15 to 31 March 2021.
  • 10% discount applies to regular-priced items only. But you can still buy our already-discounted stuff.
  • No minimum order requirement. You can buy even just one bottle if you want.
  • No usage limit. Use as much as you want for the whole duration.
  • Go cashless so there's less contact. Though you can still pay in-store when you pick up. Just tick COD.
  • Text, call, or Viber us at +63917599025 when you're close by so we can prepare your order and bring it to your car.

Got questions? Chat with us on social or Viber!