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To create a fine barrel-aged sipping gin, we begin with our flagship Archipelago Botanical Gin and rest it in brand new, 225-liter American Oak barrels, which have been given a medium long toast (Burgundy style). The toasting of our barrels, by master coopers in Napa Valley, California, allows the oak to impart a rich medley [...]


Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka is an extremely smooth, crisp and clean spirit that celebrates our handcrafted, artisanal distilling processes. We begin with a premium neutral grain spirit crafted from 100% wheat, which undergoes a slow distillation on our 7-plate custom copper pot still. ARC Lava Rock Vodka comes through our spirit safe at an extremely [...]


ARC Botanical Gin is handcrafted from a rare and wonderful blend of 28 exotic botanicals, 22 of which are sourced and foraged from across the Philippine archipelago. Beginning with a premium extra neutral alcohol base distilled from 100% wheat, each small-batch distillation involves a carefully- controlled 8-hour distillation that extracts the flavors and aroma from [...]

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Contains: 1 btl 200ml Arc Botanical Gin 1 btl 200ml Arc Barrel Aged Reserve Gin 1 btl 200ml Arc Lava Rock Vodka