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Michters Whiskey

Michter’s US 1 Sour Mash


The US*1 expressions, so named to honor Michter’s heritage harkening back to America’s first whiskey company, consist of some of the finest single barrel and truly small batch whiskeys available. Distilled to Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann’s exacting specifications, no US*1 whiskey is ever released until Willie and the Michter’s tasting panel deems it ready.


Inspired by a hand-written recipe for Creme de Cacao in the Distillery’s recipe book dating back to the 1920’s, La Maison Fontaine Chocolat has been masterfully refined using a combination of Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe and the finest chocolate infusion. Sweet richness, combined with apparent notes of absinthe and chocolate create a unique soft liqueur. Fontaine [...]


La Maison Fontaine Verte is masterfully refined using an array of natural herbs including the world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe. In combination with the natural herbal coloration this creates a classic floral Verte with rich herbal and peppery notes. Connoisseurs believe that the perfect serve is to drip 3 measures of chilled water from an absinthe fountain [...]


La Maison Fontaine, from France, is an ultra premium absinthe, handcrafted amongst the beautiful Jura Mountains in Pontarlier. When you discover the absinthe capital of the world, Pontarlier (France), has 200 years of Absinthe heritage and the world’s oldest absinthe stills, there’s only one thing to do – handcraft a new ultra premium Absinthe. La [...]


Roby Marton is the only Italian Dry Gin. Born from the idea of the homonymous creator, this Gin is the Italian and artisanal representation of the classic English distillate. The Roby Marton is made by cold infusion as in the oldest method: the distillate base of juniper and cereals is added with botanicals such as [...]


A tribute to the character created by Charles Dickens in the Pickwick Papers, Reverend Stiggins, whose favorite drink was “pineapple rum.” The barks of Victoria pineapples are infused in Plantation 3 Stars rum, which is then further distilled. Separately, the pineapple fruit is infused in Plantation Original Dark rum. Both distillate and fruit infusion are [...]


  Ratings  & Awards    Winery United Kingdom, Scotland Variety Whisky Sight Light Yellow Nose Light and enjoyably gristy, showing off plenty of vanilla and cut grass notes. Taste Soft balsa wood and allspice warmth. Food Pairings Expert Reviews


  Ratings  & Awards    Winery United Kingdom, Scotland Variety Whisky Sight Light Yellow Nose Honeyed porridge, dried barley and a light touch of mineral-y smoke. Taste Rounded notes of red apple and vanilla, paired with intense pine. Slightly spicy, with creamy vanilla notes continuing. Food Pairings Expert Reviews


  Ratings  & Awards    Winery United Kingdom, Scotland Variety Whisky Sight Light Yellow Nose Fruity at first with apple and honeydew melon, followed by nutmeg and vanilla. Taste Runny caramel and orange boiled sweeties, balanced by herbaceous new oak. Subtle hints of floral malt and toasted sesame seeds.. Food Pairings Red meats, lamb dishes [...]


Filliers Dry Gin 28 fully expresses the traditional craftsmanship of Filliers, developed after decades of authentically distilled genever.Firmin Filliers (1888-1965), a member of the third generation of Filliers Master Distillers, created the recipe for this handcrafted gin. Filliers made a conscious decision to implement a small-scale production process in modest-sized copper stills (alembics) of 500 [...]

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Gin Sul


  Ratings & Awards     Best German Gin Winery Germany Variety Dry Gin Sight Clear Nose Citrus and floral spice prevail the aroma. Taste Fresh notes mixed with sour tart and slightly bitter licorice. Full body with long and citrusy finish that lets other highly aromatic ingredients come to life with time. Food Pairings Expert [...]


Released by Siete Misterios, this Mezcal is elaborated exclusively from agave Espadin. First expression from the range to be made in a copper still rather than the clay pot still, Doba Yej can either come from Santiago Matatlan or San Luis del Rio, as each batch is created by a different mezcalero. Fruity, floral and [...]