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Absolut Mandrin Vodka 1L

Absolut Mandrin Vodka 1L

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Category: Vodka
ABV: 40%
Origin: Sweden
Distiller: Absolut Company

Size: 1L

Nose: Fresh, floral, citrus scents of oranges and mandarins
Palate: Soft and smooth, hints of ripe oranges, mandarin, orange peel
Finish: Crisp, balanced, long, tangy finish

A mere 20 years after Absolut entered the market with its original vodka, Absolut Mandrin was released. The fourth flavoured vodka in the Absolut line, this 100% natural spirit shines with the gorgeous aroma and flavour that none other than oranges and mandarins can provide. This winning flavour combination uses no added sugar to achieve its taste goals, just fruit and skill.

The high-quality base on which this vodka is built is none other than Absolut Original. Made using locally-sourced winter wheat and water from the area near Åhus, Sweden, where the distillery is located, this pure product is made using continuous distillation. When it is ready, the flavours of mandarin and orange are added (along with those of other citrus fruits to achieve that fully-rounded flavour we have come to love) to result in a citrus-flavoured vodka with personality.

Absolut Mandrin is absolutely perfect to enjoy on its own, on the rocks. This solo act will let the silky, smooth vodka with its bright citrus notes really sing. But there is no cocktail that cannot be improved by the addition of freshly-picked oranges, or at least their essence as expertly captured by the team at Absolut. Add a bit of excitement to your next drink with Absolut Mandrin.

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