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Liqueur | Fruit | Italy

Alamea Peach Brandy Liqueur 500ml

Alamea Peach Brandy Liqueur 500ml

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ABV: 34%
Distillery: Alamea Exotic Infusions

Size: 500ml


Taste Notes

Nose: Vanilla and natural peach blossom
Mouth: Soft, fresh

How to Enjoy

Add a bit to your favourite cocktail for that nice peachy taste.

About this Product

A taste of summer. Aged Italian Brandy infused with peaches. Intense and fresh aroma, smooth taste.

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About Alamea Exotic Infusions

Alamea Liqueurs are designed to create exotic and tiki cocktails as well as to bring a twist on classic drinks.

Made with natural ingredients by one of the oldest liquEUr factory in Italy and by tiki culture expert Daniele Dalla Pola who shares his craftsmanship and bartending knowledge through recipes of his best rum infusions collected over the past 10 years.

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About Liqueur

First prepared by 13th century Italian monks as herbal medicines and elixirs, Liqueurs are distilled spirits that have been combined with flavoring agents. A range of herbs, spices, nuts, fruits and flowers can be used, and a sweetener such as sugar or corn syrup is often added. While typically rather sweet, some examples are herbaceous or tart and pair exceptionally well with desserts or act as a delightful addition to cocktails.

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