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Bacardí Black Rum 750ml

Bacardí Black Rum 750ml

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Category: Rum
ABV: 37.5%
Origin: Cuba
Distiller: Bacardi Distillery

Size: 750ml

Nose: Toasted, nutty
Palate: Tropical, medium-bodied
Finish: Smoky, molasses

Fill a highball glass with cubed iced, and squeeze in the lime wedges. Pour in 50ml Bacardi Black rum and 100ml ginger beer. Add bitters and stir before serving.

Bacardí Black is a medium body black rum that balances the light profile of the Bacardí rums with the robust flavour and intensity of the black rums category. Its profile is smokier and of a darker colour, which comes from a heavier burning in the barrels for one of its Aguardiente components. It is the perfect base for drinks with greater flavour intensity, like those that use ingredients such as ginger beer or bitters.


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About Bacardi Rum

Taste the Caribbean. Transport yourself to the crystalline seas, salty breezes, and sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean. The Bacardi Motherland, in your cup.

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From pirate life on the open sea to Caribbean island paradises, perhaps no other spirit evokes such a romantic history as Rum. Made through fermentation and distillation of molasses or the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane, Rums range from 20% to over 70% alcohol and come in a variety of tones from clear to dark. Highest quality Rums are generally produced in pot stills and aged in wood, while less expensive Clear or “White” Rums are produced in column stills and bottled without barrel aging. Naturally, Rums form the base of tropical cocktails like Daquiris and Mojitos.

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