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Baileys Coffee Bundle

Baileys Coffee Bundle


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Baileys coffee is a spin on Irish coffee using Baileys Irish Cream instead of cream and sugar. Irish coffee is a classic cocktail you probably already know: warm coffee with a shot of Irish whiskey, topped with whipped cream. The modern version was invented in the 1950's in Ireland.

What's included:

  • 1 bottle Baileys Original Irish Cream 700ml 
  • 1 pack Vittoria Nespresso Compatible Capsules Espresso

The Liqueur: Baileys Original Irish Cream 700ml
Tasting Notes: Irish dairy cream, and rich chocolate and vanilla flavours
ABV: 17%
Origin: Ireland

The Coffee: Vittoria Nespresso Compatible Capsules Espresso
Tasting notes: Honey and Toasty
Intensity: 14
Origin: Australia

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