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by the Dutch Batavia Arrack 500ml

by the Dutch Batavia Arrack 500ml

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Category: Rum
ABV: 48%
Origin: Netherlands
Distiller: by the Dutch

Size: 500ml

Our “Batavia Arrack” is a distillate based on 100% sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia, dated back to the 17th century. It’s comprised of a very specific range of Pot still distillates. It’s the “Rum of Indonesia”. The fermentation process includes the addition of local (red) rice; it is this, which sets it apart from Rum, although the base material is still sugar-cane. Distillation of our Batavia Arrack is carried out using very traditional Pot stills, adopting ancient Chinese distillers’ methods. Our Master Blender created a excellent product, aged in oak barrels up to 8 years, resulting in fantastic rich and deep flavours, lingering on the palate.


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About by the Dutch

“By the Dutch” was born in September 2015 to tell a story to the world. A story of tradition and craftsmanship. Their goal is to broaden the international awareness of traditional handcrafted and premium spirits of the Dutch heritage. Their spirits are crafted in full respect of the Dutch tradition and bring to your senses the finest products thier country has to offer. They have included a description about the origin and methods of production onto their labels, so that any consumer can really know what they are about to taste. Their packaging is designed to be educative, in a vintage style depicting the old craftsmanship behind their products.

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From pirate life on the open sea to Caribbean island paradises, perhaps no other spirit evokes such a romantic history as Rum. Made through fermentation and distillation of molasses or the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane, Rums range from 20% to over 70% alcohol and come in a variety of tones from clear to dark. Highest quality Rums are generally produced in pot stills and aged in wood, while less expensive Clear or “White” Rums are produced in column stills and bottled without barrel aging. Naturally, Rums form the base of tropical cocktails like Daquiris and Mojitos.

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