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Gin | London Dry | England

Chase GB Gin 700ml

Chase GB Gin 700ml

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ABV: 40%
Size: 700ml


Taste Notes

Nose: Fittingly juniper forward with warm spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg
Mouth: Retains that ever present spiciness but with a refreshing touch of citrus zest and a hint of apple

How to Enjoy

GB & T: Simply combine Chase GB Gin and your choice of premium tonic water over plenty of cubed ice. Stir gently and garnish with a slice of fresh ginger.

About this Product

GB Gin is crafted by copper pot distilling Chase Vodka with 10 botanicals; juniper, coriander seed, bitter almond, cinnamon bark, ginger, cloves, angelica root, liquorice root, lemon peel, and cardamom.

This Great British Extra Dry gin is smooth & full-bodied, perfectly balanced with juniper, spice and citrus. A must try for gin lovers.

Best enjoyed with lots of ice, a premium tonic and a slice of fresh ginger.

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About Chase Distillery

The business started as a family affair; with Will’s older sons Harry and James working within the business. Harry produced some of the potatoes that were turned into Chase spirits from 300 acres of Herefordshire farmland around the distillery. James worked as a Global Brand Ambassador, educating customers and consumers about Chase distillery and its ethos. We’re a British field to bottle distillery, creating luxury spirits from our farm in Herefordshire. We set up our business in 2008 to challenge the status quo in the white spirits industry. If people are interested in the terroir for their wine or the barrel aging for their whisky, then why shouldn’t they be interested in how their white spirits have been crafted?

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About Gin

Enjoying an enthusiastic resurgence in modern cocktail culture, Gin, a.k.a. ‘Dutch Courage,’ was originally touted as a 16th century cure for cowardice and stomach ailments. Arguably the broadest and most dynamic category of spirits in terms of flavor profiles and production styles, Gin is a distilled grain spirit that derives its primary flavor from juniper berries and secondary flavors from a dazzling array of spices, herbs, fruits and botanicals. It is both produced and enjoyed all around the world and is most commonly mixed into cocktails such as the Martini or simply added to tonic water.

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