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Gin | Barrel-Aged | France

Citadelle Reserve Gin 700ml

Citadelle Reserve Gin 700ml

Citrus, elegant

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ABV: 45.2%
Origin: France
Distiller: Maison Ferrand

Size: 700ml



Taste Notes

How to Enjoy

50/50 Martini & Oyster: Pour Citadelle Réserve Gin, add Mancino Secco Vermouth, mix with ice cubes, shake briefly. Top with a lemon!

The tasting ritual
Swallow your oyster. Save the shell and pour in the 50/50 Citadelle Martini, then lightly squeeze a lemon on your cocktail to add some acidic flavours. Drink as a shot. Cheers!

About this Product

Spirits that are barrel-aged are certainly nothing new. And that goes for gin too.

After several years of experimentation, Alexandre Gabriel perfected his recipe: adding 3 botanicals – yuzu, genepi, bleuet– and resting gin in five different types of woods barrels – Acacia, Mulberry, Cherry, Chestnut and French Oak – for five months.

This unique aging method intensifies the citrus notes of Citadelle Reserve Gin and creates an elegant softness in the mouth. Bottled at 45.2% ABV, this gin is incredible in a classic Gin Martini.

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About Citadelle

Citadelle is a “gin de Château” par excellence. They harvest juniper berries for their gin at Château de Bonbonnet. Juniper trees grow wild across from the château. Their berries gave their founder Alexandre Gabriel an idea: to create the first modern French gin. It was a crazy idea back in 1996, the year Citadelle Gin was born!

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About Gin

Enjoying an enthusiastic resurgence in modern cocktail culture, Gin, a.k.a. ‘Dutch Courage,’ was originally touted as a 16th century cure for cowardice and stomach ailments. Arguably the broadest and most dynamic category of spirits in terms of flavor profiles and production styles, Gin is a distilled grain spirit that derives its primary flavor from juniper berries and secondary flavors from a dazzling array of spices, herbs, fruits and botanicals. It is both produced and enjoyed all around the world and is most commonly mixed into cocktails such as the Martini or simply added to tonic water.

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