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Crazy Carabao Variety Pack 2

Crazy Carabao Variety Pack 2

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Brewery: Crazy Carabao
Origin: Philippines
Size: 6 x 330ml

Inside the Craft Beer Variety Pack #2:

  • 2 x Pilsner
  • 2 x Wheat Beer
  • 2 x Pale Ale

Crazy Carabao Pilsner
IBU: 23
ABV: 4.2%
Crazy Carabao Pilsner is based around the German classic pilsner with a light hoppy Bohemian twist. Lightly toasted malt flavours underscore noble hop characters bringing out floral aromatic and spicy herbal notes. Dry hopped for a touch of bergamot zest and lemongrass.  

Crazy Carabao Wheat Beer
IBU: 14
ABV: 4.5%
Loaded with coriander seeds and a gentle amount of hops, showcasing subtle hints of citrus and clove. Light scents of orange and banana esters can be found.

Crazy Carabao Pale Ale
IBU: 35
ABV: 5%
A modern version of the classic American pale ale. Its firm bitterness matched with citrus and pine hops blend perfectly with the crystal malt giving you a bold beer that really packs a punch.

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About Crazy Carabao

Crazy Carabao Premium Craft Beer is meticulously microbrewed and bottled in the Philippines to provide Filipinos with a range of beer styles.

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