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Diplomático The Distillery Collection No. 2 Barbet Rum 700ml

Diplomático The Distillery Collection No. 2 Barbet Rum 700ml

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Category: Rum
ABV: 47%
Origin: Venezuela
Distiller: Destilerias Unidas S.A. (DUSA)

Size: 700ml

Enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

The barbet column still was brought to Diplomático’s La Miel distillery in 1959. This continuous distillation system is originally from France. The barbet rum is produced from sugar cane molasses and aged in American white oak barrels, that previously served to age bourbon and whisky, for 4 years.

It reveals tropical fruit aromas and toasted oak notes, providing a distinctive and well-balanced bouquet. Slightly dry on the palate with delicate wood and fresh citrus fruit flavours that combine for a pleasant, long-lasting finish.


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About Diplomático

Diplomático’s identity is forged on a commitment to quality and putting passion and heart into making rums. They are an independent, family-owned brand that controls the whole production process from field to bottle to create superb quality rums. They value quality and authenticity to produce the finest rums, they take care of their people and local community, and protect the environment with their sustainable production practices.

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About Rum

From pirate life on the open sea to Caribbean island paradises, perhaps no other spirit evokes such a romantic history as Rum. Made through fermentation and distillation of molasses or the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane, Rums range from 20% to over 70% alcohol and come in a variety of tones from clear to dark. Highest quality Rums are generally produced in pot stills and aged in wood, while less expensive Clear or “White” Rums are produced in column stills and bottled without barrel aging. Naturally, Rums form the base of tropical cocktails like Daquiris and Mojitos.

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