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Don Papa 7YO Premium Rum 700ml

Don Papa 7YO Premium Rum 700ml

Rich, treacly

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Category: Rum
ABV: 40%
Origin: Philippines
Distiller: Don Papa

Size: 700ml


Taste Notes

Eyes: Light amber
Nose: Light, fruity
Palate: Smooth, delicate
Finish: Long, textured

How to Enjoy

Use to make your favourite rum-based cocktails.

About this Product

Deep in the lush lands of Sugarlandia, noble cane can be found growing from the volcanic soils of Mount Kanlaon. It is from this fine strain of cane that we create our rich "Black Gold" molasses. Once distilled, our flagship rum is then aged for 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, lending a larger than life vanilla aroma. Our barrels age in a climate so unique, it breathes flavour into the rum. It is then blended with Mount Kanlaon spring water to 40% ABV by our master blender. Sip it straight to taste bold notes of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits, balanced by a subtle hint of citrus. This medium bodied rum goes down smoothly - and quickly!

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About Don Papa

Don Papa is a premium aged small batch rum and the spirit of Negros Occidental - a wondrous place known colloquially as "Sugarlandia".

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About Rum

From pirate life on the open sea to Caribbean island paradises, perhaps no other spirit evokes such a romantic history as Rum. Made through fermentation and distillation of molasses or the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane, Rums range from 20% to over 70% alcohol and come in a variety of tones from clear to dark. Highest quality Rums are generally produced in pot stills and aged in wood, while less expensive Clear or “White” Rums are produced in column stills and bottled without barrel aging. Naturally, Rums form the base of tropical cocktails like Daquiris and Mojitos.

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