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Medium Red | Australia

Hardys VR Cabernet Sauvignon

Hardys VR Cabernet Sauvignon

Dense, fruity

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Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
ABV: 13.1%
Origin: Southeastern Australia

Size: 750ml


3.5 rating, Vivino

Taste Notes

Eyes: Crimson
Nose: Lots of oak and sweet cherry, figs, dates and plum
Mouth: Blackberry, plum, red apples and spices on the mid-palate, medium to light tannins with a round finish

How to Enjoy

Pair with red meat, lamb, roasted dishes, and hard cheeses.

Serving temperature: Cellar temp. at 13-16°C
Storage: Up to 3-5 days after opening

About this Product

This wine has sweet bright fruit, a fine cocoa like tannin structure and finishes with chocolate and lingering black and red currant fruit.

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About Hardys

Generally regarded as the father of the wine industry in South Australia, Thomas Hardy was a grand pioneer who came to Australia as a young man and by his unbounded energy, built a business known in both hemispheres.

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About Australia

A large, climatically diverse country with incredibly diverse terrain, producing just about every wine style imaginable, Australia has a grand winemaking history and some of the oldest vines on the planet. Both red wine and white wine from Australian are wildly popular and beloved.

Shiraz is indeed Australia’s most celebrated and widely planted variety; Barossa Valley leads the way, producing exceptionally bold and supple versions. Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia's second most planted variety, can be blended with Shiraz but also shines on its own particularly in Coonawarra and Margaret River. Grenache and Mourvèdre are also popular, both on their own and alongside Shiraz in Rhône Blends. Chardonnay is common throughout the country and made in a wide range of styles. Sauvignon Blanc has recently surged in popularity to compete with New Zealand’s distinctive version and Semillon is often blended in Margaret River or shines on its own in the Hunter Valley. Riesling thrives in the cool-climate Clare and Eden Valleys. Sticky-sweet fortified wine Rutherglen is a beloved regional specialty of Victoria.

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About Cabernet Sauvignon

A noble variety bestowed with both power and concentration, Cabernet Sauvignon enjoys success all over the globe. Inherently high in tannins and acidity, the best bottlings of Cabernet can age beautifully for decades.

Despite the modern importance and ubiquity of Cabernet Sauvignon, it is actually a relatively young variety. In 1997, DNA profiling revealed the grape to be a spontaneous crossing of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc which took place in 17th century southwestern France.

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