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Hine Cigar Reserve XO 700ml

Hine Cigar Reserve XO 700ml

Tobacco, spice

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Readily available in Metro Manila only.
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ABV: 40%
Origin: France
Distiller: Hine & Co.

Size: 700ml


Taste Notes

Nose: Rich and corpulent in character, exotic aromas reveal a taste for adventure, complex
Mouth: Tobacco notes, sweet fruit, honey, and a slight hint of wood (over 10 years in oak barrels), well-balanced
Finish: Round and long

How to Enjoy

Enjoy neat or on the rocks. Pair with your favourite cigar.

About this Product

A blend of twenty eaux-de-vie produced using Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois grapes. Created by Bernard Hine and Nicholas Freeman (Hunters & Frankau) in their quest to find the perfect match between the most expressive of cigars and House of Hine cognacs.

Cigar Reserve is a distinctive expression of the house’s expertise, where a blend of eaux-de-vie aged for over fifteen years sustains an exchange with another great taste sensation: the cigar.

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About Hine Cognac

Cognac goes way beyond a cigar pairing and HINE Cognac is a shining example of how and why. Founded over 250 years ago, in 1763, HINE Cognac is rich in tradition, yet always forward-thinking. Six generations, tracing back to founder Thomas Hine, have continued this legacy and are producing some of the finest cognacs on the market today.

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About Cognac

Widely regarded as the finest and most complex grape-based spirit in the world, Cognac follows rigorously strict production guidelines. It is made exclusively of wine - most commonly from Ugni Blanc - from the Charente and Charente-Maritime regions surrounding the town of Cognac in southwestern France. After a second distillation in antique copper pot stills (called charentais), the spirit is transferred to French oak barrels and aged a minimum of two years (VS). Cognac is classified by both age and region (Cru). The Grande Champagne Cru and Petite Champagne Cru, both having shallow limestone soils, are the most respected.

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