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Luxardo Cherry Liqueur 750ml

Luxardo Cherry Liqueur 750ml

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Category: Liqueur
ABV: 30%
Origin: Italy
Producer: Luxardo

Size: 750ml


  • Luxi Style: 45ml your choice of London Dry gin + 15ml Luxardo Cherry Liqueur + Top with Fentimans Soda Water + Garnish with rosemary & lemon zest
  • Cherry Negroni: 45ml your choice of London Dry gin + 25ml Luxardo Cherry Liqueur + 25ml Mancino Vermouth di Torino + Garnish with lemon zest & Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherry

Luxardo’s second speciality after Maraschino Originale produced since 1821.

When Luxardo marasca cherries are harvested at the beginning of every summer, part of the juice is separated and left to mature until natural fermentation occurs. When a certain alcohol by volume is reached neutral alcohol is added to the juice to avoid further fermentation and it is then allowed to age in oak vats. Clear and deep red in colour, the pungent aroma of freshly squeezed cherry juice. The taste is intense, thick and syrupy with sweetness partially offset by fruit tartness. Luxardo Cherry Liqueur was renamed with the curious name “Sangue Morlacco” (Morlacco Blood) by the famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio in 1919, at the time of the Fiume military expedition. On the front label remains the dedication that the Poet sent to the Luxardo family with his signature. Luxardo Cherry Liqueur “Sangue Morlacco” can be enjoyed in many classic cocktails, or neat or over ice as an after dinner drink. You can also pair it to dark chocolate or with any kind of cheese. It is also ideal over mixed berries or over ice cream.

GMO Free | Kosher Certified | Vegan-friendly


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About Luxardo

The firm was founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo in the city of Zadar, Croatia, at the time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Luxardo had moved to Zadar with his family in 1817, as the consular representative of the Kingdom of Sardinia. His wife (Maria Canevari) produced liqueurs at home, specializing in "rosolio maraschino", a liquor from Dalmatia, and Luxardo founded the distillery to produce Liquore Maraschino. Within eight years of existence, the Luxardo Maraschino was recognised a superior product by the Emperor. Girolamo Luxardo died in 1865 at age 81, and his son Nicolò took over the business. Traditional copper pot stills, aging vats, marasca cherry orchards, warehouses and brand new bottling lines are all pillars that distinguish the Luxardo distillery still today, as it was in the past. Today, the distillery is at its seventh generation of Luxardo leadership. Girolamo’s legacy lives on in both his descendants, and his products.

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About Liqueur

First prepared by 13th century Italian monks as herbal medicines and elixirs, Liqueurs are distilled spirits that have been combined with flavoring agents. A range of herbs, spices, nuts, fruits and flowers can be used, and a sweetener such as sugar or corn syrup is often added. While typically rather sweet, some examples are herbaceous or tart and pair exceptionally well with desserts or act as a delightful addition to cocktails.

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