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Vermouth | Aged | Italy

Mancino Vermouth di Torino Veccio Barrel-Aged 750ml

Mancino Vermouth di Torino Veccio Barrel-Aged 750ml

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ABV: 16%
Origin: Italy
Distillery: Mancino Vermouth

Size: 750ml



Taste Notes

Nose: Developed, richer, nutty, and fruitier nose
Mouth: Essences of cherry, honey, raisins, dark chocolate and vanilla
Finish: Deep bittersweet, oak aged experience

How to Enjoy

Serve as an after dinner pairing with fine cheese or dessert. Perfect chilled, straight up as a digestive.

About this Product

Starting its life as the Mancino Rosso Amaranto, this extraordinary vermouth, has been resting in a single Italian Oak barrel for one year, making it the first aged, sweet vermouth.

Its character has gained strengths of old wood, time and additional spice, thus, demanding a little more respect. It has developed a richer, nutty and fruitier nose, with essences of Cherry, Honey, Raisons, dark chocolate and Vanilla. Not losing its original palate, but expanding in flavour and substance, the Mancino Vecchio will deliver a burst of a deeper bitter sweet, aged experience.

Treat it as you would an old gentleman.

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About Mancino Vermouth di Torino

An exceptional artisanal Vermouth di Torino blended with the finest ingredients to create an original, yet classic recipe inspired by world renowned Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino. Used as a main ingredient in most cocktails whether forgotten or innovative. Perfect as an all day aperitif when served neat, chilled or over ice.

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About Vermouth

Historically a dry, herb-infused, and sometimes pleasantly bitter fine wine, the ancient Greeks and Romans valued it for its great medicinal properties. They especially favored the addition of Artemisia absinthium, or wormwood, which they believed to have significant gastric curative properties. In the 16th century, a Bavarian medicinal wine flavored with wormwood called wermuth became popular in the French bourgeois circles. They called it vermutwein - soon becoming simply known in English as, vermouth. Today vermouth isn’t regarded so much as a medicinal product but its variations are indispensable to any modern mixologist.

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