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Light White | USA

Nica Pinot Grigio

Nica Pinot Grigio

Dry, crisp, refreshing

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Varietal: Pinot Grigio
ABV: 13.5%
Origin: California, USA

Size: 750ml


86 points, Wine Enthusiast

Taste Notes

Eyes: Bright yellow
Nose: Jasmine blossoms, river stone, white peach, Comice pear, coriander, touch of vanilla
Mouth: Youthful, clean, fairly neutral, lemony acidity, fresh, spiced finish

How to Enjoy

Pair with pork, charcuterie, and foie gras.

Serving temperature: Cold at 3-7°C
Storage: Up to 1 week after opening

About this Product

A ray of bright sunshine in your glass.

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About Nica

Nica + Dado is the sister brand of Ca' Momi, a winery in California, USA. Dado is a family nickname for the owners' son. He shines in every environment and loves to celebrate life in every way possible. He is engaging and outgoing, like the wine, which is approachable with fruit-forward flavours. Their wine also represents his other traits, dry like his humour and a lively acidity to portray his spirit. It only made sense to create a wine after him.

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About California, USA

Responsible for the vast majority of American wine production, if California were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest wine-producing nation. The state’s diverse terrain and microclimates allow for an incredible range of red wine styles, and unlike tradition-bound Europe, experimentation is more than welcome here.

California wineries range from tiny, family-owned boutiques to massive corporations, and price and production are equally varied. Plenty of inexpensive bulk wine is made in the Central Valley area, while Napa Valley is responsible for some of the world’s most prestigious and expensive “cult” wines.

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About Pinot Grigio

Showing a unique rosy, purplish hue upon full ripeness, this “white” variety is actually born out of a mutation of Pinot Noir. The grape boasts two versions of its name, as well as two generally distinct styles.

Given the pinkish color of its berries and aromatic potential if cared for to fully ripen, the Pinot Grigio variety is actually one that is commonly used to make "orange wines." An orange wine is a white wine made in the red wine method, i.e. with fermentation on its skins. This process leads to a wine with more ephemeral aromas, complexity on the palate and a pleasant, light orange hue.

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