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Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça 700ml

Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça 700ml

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Category: Cachaça
ABV: 40%
Origin: Brazil
Distiller: Novo Fogo Distillery

Size: 700ml

Caipirinha: Muddle lime and sugar together. Add ice and cachaça and shake well. Transfer everything into a rocks glass.

The purest representation of organic sugarcane from Southern Brazil, this silver cachaça proves that terroir matters. The aroma of bananas immediately present, followed by pleasantly floral rainforest notes that shine through the spirit. Sea salt balances the cachaca’s tropicality, adding a savoury quality and settling the overall impression to a mouth-watering sweet red pepper. This cachaça is rested in chemically-inert stainless steel tanks for one year to smoothen it without changing its flavour.


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About Novo Fogo

Novo Fogo is committed to maintaining the identity of their clean, healthy sugarcane when they distill it into cachaça. They process it minimally, according to traditional methods and using human hands, in tiny batches (130 liters each), and use no chemicals to grow their cane (hence the USDA organic certification). In the end, you should be able to taste the rainforest in their cachaças.

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About Cachaça

Brazil’s national drink, and by far their most popular spirit with well over a thousand domestic producers, Cachaca is just now making its debut in the U.S. In many ways it is similar to Rum. But while most modern Rums are made from molasses or other sugar by-products, only fresh sugar cane juice can be used to make Cachaca. This yields a more floral and herbaceous flavor profile compared to Rum. Both unaged (prata, “silver”) and barrel-aged (ouro, “gold”) expressions are available and used as a base for tropical drinks, like the traditional, Caipirinha.

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