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Urban Bar Spey® Whisky Glass 25cl

Urban Bar Spey® Whisky Glass 25cl

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Brand: Urban Bar
Use for whisky.
Can hold about 250ml of liquid.

Copita shaped old fashioned tumbler with a rounded bowl and narrowed rim.


  • Whisky savouring tumbler
  • Copita shape
  • Ideal for savouring whiskies
  • Machine made glass
  • Dishwasher safe – see our Glassware Care Guide for more information


  • Weight: 234g
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 10 cm
  • Range: Spey
  • Material: Glass

Inspired by classic whisky tasting, the Spey Whisky Glass lets you savour your drink. Made for everyday drinking, this tumbler borrows the copa shape from distillery tasters.

A large rounded bowl gives a good space to swirl your spirit to release aromas and flavours. Also, this bowl gives plenty of room for you to add water or ice to suit your tastes.

This whisky glass tapers towards the top, directing aromas towards the nose. Bring the benefits of distillery tasting glasses to your everyday drink service.



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About Urban Bar

Urban Bar has been working with the world's leading spirits and drinks brands for over 40 years to develop glass and barware with their great deal of skill and experience in handmade and automatic glassware, design, production, and decoration.

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